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Maximise ROI with Yield Farming.

Maximise your returns and minimise risk by providing Liquidity to DeFi and earning rewards on your Crypto assets.

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What is Yield

Yield farming is a strategy for earning passive income with cryptocurrency holdings by providing liquidity to a DeFi protocol. The rewards earned are proportional to the amount of liquidity provided, and may include additional cryptocurrency tokens such as transaction fees or governance tokens. LP tokens on specific DeFi protocols can also earn additional rewards.

Why Yield
Farming via

  • Exploring new strategies made easy

    Exploring new strategies made easy

    Frontier natively integrates with dApps and curates opportunities so you can focus on earning passive income.

  • One Multi-chain wallet

    One Multi-chain wallet

    Managing tokens across multiple chains is a hassle, and your DeFi position is complicated. Frontier makes it easy by bringing 23+ chains under one roof, under one wallet. 

  • Track your Liquidity Provider positions

    Track your Liquidity Provider positions

    You can track your DeFi positions, including Liquidity providers across 23+ chains and ecosystems. And the best part is, you can see all your DeFi investments in one wallet.

  • Trusted dApps

    Trusted dApps

    Frontier integrates the DeFi dApps natively, making it easy and safer to interact. Currently, we are incorporating some of the popular dApps on our mobile app.

How to Yield Farm using
Frontier ?

Set up Frontier Wallet

Popular Yield

Frontier is working on integrating dApps natively

Arrakis Finance

Convex Finance

Alpaca Finance

Aura Finance



Arrakis Finance

Convex Finance


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