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Earn high APY %
by Lending

Get higher interest on your cryptocurrency holding and earn passive income
via Lending.

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What is Lending

Crypto lending is a trustless on-chain process of lending cryptocurrency for interest payments. It is facilitated by lending platforms such as Compound and Aave on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Lenders and borrowers are matched through the platform, with borrowers using the borrowed cryptocurrency for various reasons. This offers a way to earn passive income without active strategies and provides borrowers with short-term access to cryptocurrency without buying it outright.

Why Lend
via us ?

  • One Multi-chain wallet

    One Multi-chain wallet

    You can store and manage tokens across 35+ chains under one wallet. Frontier makes it easy to manage the Crypto tokens

  • Interact with Lending protocols securely

    Interact with Lending protocols securely

    You can safely interact with protocols online with an inbuilt fraud detection engine, providing you with risk alerts and transaction insights.

  • Trusted dApps

    Trusted dApps

     Frontier has integrated leading Lending dApps across popular chains so that you can Lend Cryptocurrencies with peace of mind.

  • Track DeFi positions

    Track DeFi positions

     You can track DeFi positions like Lending right inside Frontier wallet and manage them.

How to Lend via us ?

Explore opportunities

Trusted Lending

Lending dApps that we have natively integrated inside
Frontier wallet

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Yearn Finance

Alpaca Finance



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