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A Cross-chain Bridge
within your wallet.

Frontier is one of the first wallets to have the ability to bridge your assets across 35+ chains.


Why Bridge in
Frontier ?

  • It's safe and secure

    It's safe and secure

    Crypto users lost significant funds via blockchain bridges, and exchanging assets across the chains is complex. Frontier has integrated with 6+ trusted bridge providers to make it safe for you

  • Super convenient

    Super convenient

    You don't have to experiment with different cross-chain bridges or use a different one for other chains, all under Frontier wallet. You can switch between providers for better cross-chain liquidity and routes

  • Multiple chains, one wallet

    Multiple chains, one wallet

    You can easily bridge assets across the chain under a single wallet—no worries about switching between different wallets and all the confusion that comes with it

How to bridge?

Select from 6+ Bridges

Our cross-chain bridge partners

Get better routes and liquidity across different chains


XY Finance






XY Finance

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