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Liquidity Pools.

Provide Liquidity to DEXs and other popular DeFi protocols inside your wallet, and put your Crypto assets to work.

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What are
Liquidity Pools?

Liquidity pools are essential components of the DeFi ecosystem as they furnish necessary assets to decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and other protocols, thereby enabling cryptocurrency users to access financial services and engage in trading activities.

By contributing to liquidity, investors can potentially earn a higher return on their investment (ROI) with a well-thought-out strategy, resulting in potential passive income.

Why provide
Liquidity via us?

  • Exploring new opportunities & strategies

    Exploring new opportunities & strategies

    Finding suitable liquidity pools with many options and an ever-growing DeFi ecosystem is often tricky. We make it easy!

  • Trusted dApps

    Trusted dApps

    Frontier natively integrates dApps to make the experience safe and secure. Additionally, you can connect with Liquidity pools safely with our security module.

  • Higher ROI / APY

    Higher ROI / APY

    Frontier aggregates the best Liquidity pools with better APYs and ROI for you. Find our trusted dApps below.

How to provide Liquidity ?

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