Frontier Product Roadmap for the year 2023

Road map

Unifying the self-custody experience to simplify onboarding and adoption of Web3 technology

The road ahead

    Q2 2023

    April - June ‘23

    • Frontier Web App (Portfolio) beta launch and prepare for production release.
      The portfolio app will allow you to connect multiple wallets and give a better visualization of your net worth (Tokens/NFTs/DeFi).
    • Mobile app v3: More than a wallet! (Alpha Phase)
      We are rethinking our mobile app experience to make the mobile app the gateway experience to the Web3 world.

    Q3 2023

    July - September ‘23

    • Frontier Chain (Testnet & Mainnet). Future of $FRONT
      A cosmos-based blockchain of Frontier will be launched as a test and eventually the mainnet. $FRONT will be made as the native token and migrated to the new chain.
    • Mobile v3 Launch (Beta & Production)
      We are innovating our mobile wallet to make it a unified Web3 experience for our self-custody users.
    • Decentralized MPC Network - Storage module
      MPC (Multi-part Computing) wallets shards encrypted data storage is one of the critical use cases of Frontier Chain, a storage module will be implemented and rolled out on the chain.
    • Launch of Keyless Wallet via MPC (Beta)
      Through MPC technology, self-custody users can create keyless/seed phrase-less wallets on Frontier. It’s going to take away the risk of losing keys and crypto.

    Q4 2023

    October - December ‘23

    • Decentralized MPC Network - Wallet Module
      Encrypted shards of keyless wallets on Frontier will be stored on the Frontier chain, making it secure and safer. The frontier chain will also enable the computation.
    • Wallet SDK for Mobile (iOS & Android), Web, and Unity
      Frontier MPC wallet SDK will enable third-party players to build their wallets on Frontier infrastructure (chain). SDK will be available on iOS, Android, Web, and Unity platforms.

    Q1 2024

    January - March ‘24

    • Keyless Hardware wallet powered by Frontier Chain
      To further strengthen our “Self-Custody” vision, Frontier will launch a keyless hardware wallet on the chain-pushing keyless wallet boundaries.
    • Intents Resolver Protocol
      We are exploring intents to make Frontier more user-friendly and flexible for self-custody users

More coming soon

Disclaimer: The product roadmap is intended to outline our general product direction, it’s only for information purposes. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described in the roadmap remain at the sole discretion of Frontier Management.