How to stake $SOS and earn up to 140% APR on Frontier

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How to stake $SOS and earn up to 140% APR on Frontier

Staking remains one of the fundamental ways of earning passive income in Crypto & DeFi and most recently in NFTs with the growing interest in that sector.

Frontier is excited to support you in your quest to earn income through staking. This guide shows you how to stake assets like $SOS and earn up to 140% APR on Frontier.

What is $SOS?

OpenDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on recognizing contributors within the NFT ecosystem by appreciating and rewarding participants who have invested in it. Its goal is "to pay tribute, protect, promote" the NFT community. It focuses on NFT creators, connoisseurs, and the OpenSea marketplace that facilitates their exchange. DAOs allow individuals to come together and align towards a shared goal. OpenDAO is not affiliated with the OpenSea NFT platform. It is a separate entity created by an anonymous individual with the sole purpose of rewarding members of the NFT community.

$SOS is the native token of OpenDAO. It is used to reward community members and act as a governance token to vote on decisions within the community. 50% of the total supply of the $SOS token was airdropped to every OpenSea user on Christmas eve 2021. About 20% of the remaining 50% was set aside to provide incentives for staking and 10% to be given as a reward to liquidity providers.

You can now stake your $SOS token and earn passive income using Frontier. You will also see practical steps on how to claim your staking rewards and, finally, how to unstake $SOS from any of the selected validator pools.

Steps to Stake $SOS on Frontier

Open your wallet => Click "Stake & Earn" => Select "SOS" => Select a Validator => Enter the amount of $SOS to stake

Click "Review" => Confirm details in Review screen => Click "Approve SOS" => Confirm details in Review screen => Click "Stake"

You have successfully staked your $SOS!

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