Frontier and Nord Finance form strategic partnership to introduce Nord Savings on Mobile

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Frontier and Nord Finance form strategic partnership to introduce Nord Savings on Mobile

We are excited to announce our partnership with Nord Finance - a chain-agnostic advanced decentralized financial ecosystem.

Nord Finance is designed to simplify DeFi investing by offering users easy access to many financial products such as yield-farming aggregation, funds management, Robo-advisory and loans against assets. One of the essential products from Nord Finance is Nord Savings which delivers the highest possible risk-adjusted returns for stable coin investments through multi-chain yield-farming.

Frontier's Wallet Aggregation feature allows users to connect wallets and access multiple DeFi integrations and products.

The partnership with Nord Finance will enable access to Nord Savings on the Frontier Mobile interface. Users will access Nord Savings by connecting mobile wallets with the Frontier DeFi interface.

📈Key Features

  1. Nord Savings Product  Users, will deposit Stablecoins and earn High APY + farm $NORD tokens.
  2. Positions Tracking Users can track positions in the Nord Savings protocol by connecting any Ethereum wallet by entering ENS or Ethereum wallet address.
  3. Liquidity Mining Participate in liquidity mining via Frontier's mobile interface and earn $NORD governance tokens.

Amarnath Reddy, CEO, Nord Finance speaking about the partnership:

"The synergy between Nord Finance and Frontier helps us build the perfect tools to make DeFi more accessible, bringing us one step closer to mass adoption. Both companies share the same vision of bringing cross-chain interoperability to DeFi, and the Nord Finance team is excited to be part of this evolution."

Ravindra Kumar, CEO, Frontier speaking about the partnership:

"Frontier and Nord Finance share the same vision of DeFi and realize that DeFi won't be just for one blockchain, but it will be a chain - Agnostic. The talented team at Nord Finance has put immense effort into building Nord which simplifies DeFi investing. We are excited to partner with Nord Finance, which shares the same vision as we do and works alongside to boost DeFi Adoption and introduce Native Nord Savings in Frontier Application."

About Nord Finance

Nord finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. Our proprietary protocol Invest across multiple chains with seamless interoperability.

The Nord Finance ecosystem consists of 4 key products:

  • Nord.Savings: Earn Highest APYs Across Chains
  • Nord.Advisory: Risk profile-based Robo Advisory
  • Nord.Loans: Overdraft Crypto Loans / Loans against Portfolio
  • Nord.Swap: Stable Swap Coins across chains

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About Frontier

Frontier is a Chain Agnostic DeFi Aggregation layer. Using Frontier, Users can Track and Manage DeFi positions, Stake Assets, Swap or Exchange Assets and explore more DeFi applications in one place. Frontier is also building a Frontier chain, a Decentralized Key Management blockchain based on Cosmos SDK.

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