How to stake $KAVA and earn up to 20% APR on Frontier

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How to stake $KAVA and earn up to 20% APR on Frontier

Looking for ways to earn passive income in Crypto & DeFi, then Staking is your go-to method. In your journey to staking, Frontier is excited to guide you through your staking journey. This guide shows you how to stake assets like $KAVA and earn up to 12% APR on Frontier. It is also interesting to note that the possibilities that staking offers spill over into the growing NFT sector.

What is $KAVA?

Kava is a decentralized platform that serves as a bank for other digital assets. Kava is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilises Cosmos features called zones which signifies a network of many independent blockchains. Kava helps users borrow USDX tokens and deposit collateral in return for profits. With Kava, the borrowers are availed to increased amounts of crypto assets such as Binance (BNB), Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC). By collateralizing cryptocurrencies to mint USDX, users receive weekly rewards in KAVA, Kava’s cryptocurrency.

KAVA is the native utility token with a total supply of 150 million coins. The KAVA token is used primarily for governance and staking. Kava smart contracts create a collateralized debt position (CDP) on the back-end, which enables users to earn USDX.

How to stake KAVA

If you own some $KAVA token, you can start earning passive income through staking by using Frontier to access the several $KAVA staking validators, all from a single and mobile interface. This guide shows you how to stake your $KAVA assets and earn rewards according to the staking validator's APR. You will also see practical steps to claim your staking rewards and, finally, how to unstake $KAVA from any of the selected validator pools.

Steps to stake $KAVA on Frontier

Click "Wallets" - > Select "Kava" - > Click on "Stake & Earn" - > Tap "Kava" - > Scroll and select a "Validator" - > Input quantity - >

Click "Review" - > Review the transaction - > Click "Stake" - > Input your confirmatory pin

How to Unstake

Click "Wallets" - > Select "Kava" - > Click "Positions" - > Click "Unstake" - > Input quantity - > Click "Unstake" - > A dialogue box will appear on screen - > Click "Yes, Unstake" - > Review transaction - >

Click  "Unstake" - > Input confirmatory pin

You have successfully un-staked your $KAVA tokens!

There is a 21-day unbonding process for staked $KAVA during this period, delegator KAVA do not earn rewards and cannot be transferred, exchanged or spent. However, KAVA can be slashed during the unbonding period.

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