Meet the new Frontier

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Meet the new Frontier

Tl;dr — As the Summer gradually winds to an end, we are kickstarting a new phase in our roadmap with the launch of the Frontier V2 app with state-of-the-art features for Both Newbies and Pro Crypto & DeFi users. V2 ships in a few weeks, but you can join our growing waitlist to be among the first persons to enjoy the vast benefits of the DeFi industry's most preferred frontend.

We are incredibly excited to be announcing the upcoming launch of the much-anticipated version 2 of our App — The New Frontier! Our vision is to remove all doubts anyone has about Crypto & DeFi through better design and superior user experience. As we unveil V2 in a few weeks, we anticipate filling the gap newer entrants and pro users face while pushing through the boundaries of investments in decentralised finance.

Busy Summer, No Vac!

The whole team has been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that you get a deserving front seat to everything Crypto & DeFi all through the Summer. And while we were at it, we continued to work with our excellent partners at Polygon, MoonPay, Avalanche, Arbitrum, to mention a few for an unrivalled Crypto & DeFi experience with our upcoming V2 App.

Frontier V2 Feature Sets

We can't wait to ship V2 into your hands as we don't just think but know it's a big deal. V2 was built from the ground up after carefully studying our existing users' demands and the latest industry trends. As a result, we expect that V2 not only meets but surpasses our community's demands.

We know you can't wait to download it right away on both Apple Store and Android's Playstore. Nonetheless, here are the bare minimums you can expect as you lay your hands on V2 in a few weeks from today:

Simplified onboarding for everyone

Our core focus has been to deal with the significant difficulties of using Crypto & DeFi even by the average newbie. Hence, with V2, we have extensively focused on simplifying the onboarding process for this user segment while still having our pro users in mind. As a result, V2 user flow ensures complicated things like staking and lending is straightforward for a newbie to get started with their Crypto and DeFi journey. In contrast, our existing users are already familiar with what we offer, enjoys an even more robust user experience.

All Blockchains, One App

V2 supports more than 4,000 crypto-assets across multiple chains. So whether you're looking at managing your assets, staking or lending them for passive income, V2 meets you at your specific point of need. Moreover, we aggregate all the blockchain layers into one App so that you never need to go elsewhere.

Thinking of exploring any yield farming opportunity on any chain, managing your assets in different wallets, tracking your assets on-chain, we're your one-stop-shop for that.  Just do it from one App - Frontier!

Cash to Crypto like ATM

Crypto & DeFi investing couldn't be more simple with V2, like withdrawing cash from an ATM as we have integrated with MoonPay, a leading non-custodial payment infrastructure provider for fiat on and off-ramp. So now our users and just about anyone looking to get exposure into Crypto & DeFi can buy ETH and other crypto-assets with bank transfers and mobile payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay while using Frontier. This is a big boost for DeFi investing for users in over 160 countries where MoonPay's coverage exists.

More integrations are also cooking behind the scenes; we hope to announce them sooner than you think.

Commission-free trading

Frontier currently supports seamless trades between more than 4000+ assets for investors in Crypto & DeFi's multichain ecosystem. Through our non-custodial App and DEX aggregator, anyone can trade their assets on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, accessing multiple DEXs (Decentralised exchanges) with top liquidity at the best prices available while enjoying the lowest slippage.  

Wondering what's the catch here? Rest assured that our focus is to help you make the best trade deals between swaps at zero per cent commission or profit on our part.

Low Gas, More L2s, Much DeFi

What's life without options? The same way it is for Crypto & DeFi. V2 is all about more choices for you as you go about your daily Crypto & DeFi transactions. Routing your transactions through Layer 2 like Polygon or Arbitrum for cheaper gas fees and faster confirmation times is a possibility with V2. And DeFi investing has gone from just one chain to multichain; V2 aggregates other top protocols on EVM compatible chains like BSC, Avalanche C-chain or Fantom giving Frontier users an array of options and instant access their preferred blockchains all from one App. V2 launches you into a whole new world of instant DeFi with limitless possibilities.  

Make $$$ While you sleep

Earning up to 20 per cent APR on your Crypto & DeFi assets gets easier with us. Using our App, average and Pro DeFi users can stake assets such as MATIC, BLZ, KAVA, BAND, ZIL, ONE etc., for an opportunity to make attractive returns. So don't just  HODL and sleep. Let your money work for you while you sleep.

Flex your NFTs

How about your pricey NFTs? Just house. We got you covered. You can house them in the Frontier app while you continue to explore the latest NFT staking, lending, or even trading them. V2 comes with an in-app DeFi browser to access trending NFT marketplace and dapps like Opensea, Aavegotchi, Super rare, Foundation etc. So whether you're a fan of digital collectibles, Frontier is your companion. Wouldn't you rather mint yourself some happiness with V2?

Track Assets. Take Action. Quick!

Never be on the slow lane or risk getting liquidated because you couldn't top up your crypto collateral assets, CDPs and any open positions on the move. Track your CDPs, add or migrate liquidity, close any lending position on DeFi's super apps like Aave, Maker,  Compound, Uniswap, Sushiswap or Yearn Vaults across multiple chains all from one App. If you've been enjoying V1, wait till you start sprinting away with V2.

Beyond being the go-to App for anything Crypto & DeFi, Frontier also has magical superpowers like being a wallet aggregator, supporting the industry's top wallet infrastructures like Trust, Metamask, Argent, Rainbow, ImToken and more to come.

Hence, there's no need to compromise on your wallet choice. You have a reliable companion with V2. Just go right ahead to connect your preferred Wallet to Frontier using the Wallet Connect feature we support and enjoy the same staking, lending, swapping etc., experience as you would if you were operating your Wallet in a secluded environment.

And if you are the type that manages multiple wallets as you surf across the different protocols, V2 still caters for you. Connect your numerous wallets and access them using Frontier from a single interface instead of operating multiple wallet apps.

Dark Mode for Night Kings

Giving you more options in V2 also includes toggling app screens between light and dark modes. So whether you're staking, tracking, lending, or buying, we've integrated the sleekest dark mode feature to help your eyes feel more comfortable. At the same time, you embark on your quest to conquer more Crypto & DeFi territories like a Night King. You're welcome!

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