$MARSH is now supported on Frontier

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$MARSH is now supported on Frontier

Frontier is excited to announce that Unmarshal ($MARSH) is now supported on the Frontier app. Users can now send and receive, store and stake $MARSH BEP20 and ERC20 seamlessly from one interface using Frontier.

What is Unmarshal ($MARSH)?

Unmarshal allows DeFi protocols to fetch accurate real-time data on any chain. Unmarshal has its native token called $MARSH. Utilizing Unmarshal, indexers and node operators on the network are incentivized through $MARSH token for their activities. With a total supply of 100,000,000, the $MARSH token derives its utility from payments for staking and reward contributors on the network. With $MARSH now available on Frontier, users can now store, stake, send and receive $MARSH token from a single interface.

The Unmarshal network caters to blockchain and DeFi data users in different formats, such as getting access to rich data for balances & transactions, tracking protocol positions, push notifications systems like Web2, DeFi taxing, profit & loss tracking, and getting historical prices on supported blockchains up to genesis block. In other words, DeFi developers building applications for end-users can deliver spontaneous user experiences to users of their native apps without going through the hurdle of reiterating the unstructured data into a usable format.

Send, Store and stake $MARSH on Ethereum and Binance Chain

Frontier enables users to send, receive and stake $MARSH with ease. Users can easily send tokens by clicking on send, selecting asset quantity and inputting the address of the receiver and clicking continue to send the token.  

How to Store $MARSH?

You can create a new wallet to hold your  $MARSH for the long term or simply hold your coins in an existing wallet. Your funds will be stored on the blockchain and not on Frontier wallet, which means they are safe, and transactions can be made on Frontier using your address. With your recovery phrase, you can import and gain access to your wallet even if you lose your device.

Steps on how to receive $MARSH

Click the 'wallet' icon to reveal the wallet menu => Select the wallet to receive $MARSH in => Click "$MARSH"  => Click "Receive" => A dialogue box will appear on the screen revealing the payment address and the QR code => Click "Copy address"

You can also decide to scan the QR code on the screen, but this will work only if the sender and the receiver are in the same place.

Your $MARSH will reflect on your Frontier wallet balance as soon as it is sent and received.

How to stake $MARSH (BEP20)?

Visit "stake.unmarshal.io" =>click "connect wallet" at the top right of the screen =>click "WalletConnect" =>click "QR code."

Open your Frontier app => click the "WalletConnect" symbol =>input your Frontier passcode => click "scan WalletConnet QR" =>scan the code and click "connect wallet"

You have successfully connected your wallet.

Select  "Marsh pool or Marsh/BNB pool" => on Marsh pool, click "stake now" and get the transaction approved on Frontier=> input the amount of $MARSH => click "stake."

You have successfully staked your $MARSH token!

About Frontier

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