How to create a crypto wallet on Frontier

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How to create a crypto wallet on Frontier

The future of finance is Crypto & DeFi as well as NFTs. The possibility of having absolute control of your finances is now made possible through wallets that allow you to keep your private keys otherwise known as non-custodial wallets.

Using non-custodial wallets like Trust, Metamask, Argent, etc., you can store, send, and track your crypto assets across different blockchains. But beyond sending, storing, and tracking your crypto and NFT assets with non-custodial wallets, they can also serve as a way for you to access native DeFi dapps for lending and borrowing like Aave, DEX for swapping and supplying liquidity in pools such as Uniswap and NFT marketplace to collect and utilize your non-fungible tokens.

Now, Frontier even makes it super easy for you to manage any of your non-custodial wallets and access these DeFi protocols to earn up to 20% APR and swap assets across multiple DEXs from one frontend.

To enjoy your front seat to Crypto & DeFi as well as NFTs start by creating a multicoin wallet through this guide.

Launch the Frontier app and Click “Create a new crypto wallet” from the options listed => “Confirm Pin” by choosing six number digits you can remember which acts as a 2-factor authentication for your wallet transactions => "Save the 12-word recovery phrase" by ticking the small box => tap "Create" wallet" button

NOTE: You will NOT be able to recover your wallet if you forgot your 12-word recovery phrase. So, back them up safely.

The next step involves verifying your seed phrase. To do this,

Click the "Create wallet" button => Verify Phrase as selected words from your recovery phrase and click "Confirm" => Add Wallet details by naming your wallet and selecting the blockchain network for your wallet => click "Confirm".

You are in!  You can now start sending, receiving, staking, tracking, or buying crypto with your new multi-chain wallet in your Frontier app

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