Frontier x Compound = Access Compound Protocol on Mobile📱

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Frontier x Compound = Access Compound Protocol on Mobile📱

Frontier is thrilled to announce its latest integration with Compound Finance, A Decentralised Money Market Protocol, enabling users to access Native Compound Protocol on Mobile.

This integration will enable users using leading mobile wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, imToken and Fortmatic to access Native Compound through Frontier Mobile interface without giving away or importing private keys.

Key Features

  1. Track your Compound Finance positions – Users can seamlessly track their Compound Lending/ borrowing and Claimable COMP positions.
  2. Manage existing positions – Users who already have existing positions in the Compound protocol can manage them by connecting Mobile Wallets with the Frontier Mobile interface.
  3. Create new positions – Users can supply assets such as DAI, USDT, USDC, ETH, BAT, etc., into Compound by connecting Mobile Wallets without importing seed/private keys.

Speaking about the integration, Robert Leshner — Founder of Compound Protocol, says

Frontier’s use of TXLink creates a simple user experience for accessing Compound on mobile without the need for importing private keys.

About Compound Finance

Compound Finance is a leading DeFi protocol that allows users to deposit and borrow cryptocurrencies and earn interest by creating liquid money markets for cryptocurrencies and setting interest rates using algorithms.

The main design goals of Compound Finance are: providing liquidity, avoiding credit risk, and frequent adjustment of interest rates.

About Frontier

Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer. To date, we have added support for DeFi on Ethereum, Binance Chain, BandChain, Kava, and Harmony. Via StaFi Protocol, we will enter into the Polkadot ecosystem, and we will now put vigorous efforts toward Serum.

With our applications, users can participate in protocol tracking and management, staking, best-rate asset swapping, liquidity provision, CDP creation & monitoring, and more.


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