Frontier Wallet DeFi Ecosystem Monthly Rollup: August 2022

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Frontier Wallet DeFi Ecosystem Monthly Rollup: August 2022

2022 has been phenomenal for Frontier. In August, we doubled down on partnerships and integrations. We rolled out new product features and updates to give our users the best experience. Here is a rollup for August

Here are some of our top-level highlights in August covering three broad areas:

🤝 Partnerships & Ecosystem

⚒ Integrations

💁‍♀️Community Events

🤝 Partnerships & DeFi Ecosystem 🤝

In August, we announced our strategic partnership with XDC Network, bringing the XDC community to the Frontier experience. As an open-source, hybrid blockchain protocol, XDC and Frontier users can now get access to the exciting dApps that call XDC Network home. Users can now interact with StorX and other dApps and earn $SRX for sharing unused space or exploring a variety of storage plans for personal and enterprise use over a decentralized network.

Still on partnerships, LI.FI protocol now powers our cross-chain wallet bringing exciting swap and bridging features to Frontier. Users can now seamlessly initiate cross-chain transfers of assets across 15+ chains, 9+ bridges, and 17+ DEXs supported by LI.FI. With the integration of the LI.FI SDK, our position as a leading cross-chain crypto, DeFi, and NFT wallet is further strengthened.

More exciting news from our partners in August as our partners ZeroSwaps Labs are offering up to $500 in $FRONT for users to play and earn.  Users can simply visit and swap $BNB to $FRONT, trade at least $300 in volume to move up the leaderboard, and earn.

⚒ Integrations ⚒

What's a month without integrations from Frontier?
Our UI is now sleeker. The new Frontier UI is designed to be as intuitive as ever, which is now live on Android. For our iOS users, a little more patience, and you can start surfing away.  With the new UI, you get features such as Swap to the main toolbar, waving goodbye to the old wallet switcher, and introducing an improved experience. New buy crypto options and wallet features can now be accessed from all tabs.

When talking about cross-chain and multi-chain applications, we go beyond talking. Frontier now has four new chains bringing our chains to 28+. Users can access XDC, HECO, IoTeX, and Klaytn from within the Frontier wallet. See more in August Rollup infographics.

💁‍♀️Community Events

Did you miss out on our August community events? Let’s take you through some exciting events we held in August.

Aug 9

The Frontier team was at the ETH Toronto's Blockchain Futurist Conference Hackathon. Our Community manager Esha Sherigar and Chief BDO Dhawal Shah at the event represent Frontier. It was an exciting time to spend among DeFi and web3 enthusiasts.

Aug 11

Ravindra Kumar, Frontier’s CEO and Founder had a conversation on Twitter Spaces about “Exploring the Cross-Chain Ecosystem” with LI.FI protocol’s Mark Murdock and other team members.  


That's not all! Frontier is dedicated to educating its users about the web3 ecosystem. In August, we published some articles you will find helpful in your crypto, DeFi, and NFT journey.

How to research cryptocurrency before investing (DYOR)
The term DYOR advises cryptocurrency newbies and experienced traders to learn how to research cryptocurrency before investing.

Here is a fun infographic for you as a recap of all of August's highlights. Right Click, Save, Share!

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