Frontier Wallet adds Binance Connect for faster crypto purchases

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Frontier Wallet adds Binance Connect for faster crypto purchases

Frontier is happy to announce the integration of Binance Connect, a leading global payment infrastructure powered by Binance. This feature will allow Frontier's growing user base to seamlessly plug into and gain access to the over $1 trillion dollar crypto market.

By integrating Binance Connect into its network, Frontier provides the most powerful DeFi fiat-to-crypto bridge. This allows users to seamlessly deposit funds into DeFi as well as cash out their gains at any time in a hassle-free manner.

One of the major pain points experienced by users in DeF‌i is access. Funding crypto wallets and direct crypto purchases using fiat is often a very complicated process for both old and new entrants seeking to explore the vast opportunities the crypto, DeFi and NFTs sector affords.

Usually, users jump through multiple hoops involving complex processes as well as maintaining multiple accounts to be able to take advantage of their fiat on and off-ramp offerings. With Binance Connect now integrated, users can use their existing accounts on Binance to directly fund their Frontier DeFi wallet in just a few clicks. In addition, users can also access secure end-to-end borderless payment using Binance Pay on Frontier.  

Connect, trade with Binance Connect on Frontier

Binance Connect is the official fiat-to-crypto payments provider for Binance, the largest global crypto exchange. It powers a secure fiat-to-crypto on- and off-ramps, processing millions of daily transactions for Binance users in different parts of the world. By tapping into the huge Binance ecosystem, Frontier is able to channel the high level of liquidity offered by Binance toward its user base.

Thereby, allowing users to take advantage of a more efficient market. This integration also makes it easier for new entrants into the DeFi ecosystem to build or expand their crypto portfolio across multiple blockchain networks.

Step 1

To use Binance Connect on Frontier, open your Frontier DeFi wallet => Tap "Explore" => Scroll down to select "Binance Connect" you will be directed to a page with ‘Buy crypto’ option.

Step 2

Select the crypto you want to buy. You can scroll or type the name of your choice token. Tap the crypto choice. Enter your address and select the network and click ‘Confirm.

Step 3

Select your currency and payment method. The dropdown button at the top right corner can be used to select your country’s currency. Check your wallet balance to view your balance. Click ‘Continue with Binance Connect’ to make payment.

Accelerating Frontier’s vision and mission

Frontier is focused on its vision to create “an open, global financial system that is easily accessible by everyone, everywhere.” To achieve its goal, Frontier is breaking down barriers that hinder crypto adoption by providing users with better and cheaper alternatives with less effort. With Binance Connect now integrated, Frontier is not just closer to achieving its vision but also on a mission to build a true chain-agnostic DeFi, crypto, and NFT wallet where anyone can easily fund and build their portfolio.

Hence, Frontier integrating Binance Connect further lowers the barrier to DeFi exposure and opens the door for an all-new and comprehensive trading experience. Both entry-level and advanced users can now enjoy seamless exposure to high-level experiences such as lower transaction costs, increased transaction speed, improved interoperability, and economic scalability, simplified multi-chain trades, intuitive user interface, and more.

“We consider Binance Connect integration another big win not just for us as a team but for our growing community across several parts of the world. Once again, we are demonstrating that the future of finance is about handing down choices to users where anyone can harness the power of a non-custodial wallet for anything crypto, DeFi, and NFTs with robust payment gateways. We are confident that this is another value add for our community.” ~ Ravindra Kumar, CEO Frontier wallet

About Binance

Binance is the biggest global cryptocurrency exchange platform by volume, with a user base spread over 180 countries worldwide. It offers a simple and smooth interface with various features that allow users to buy, sell, and trade different cryptocurrencies.

Binance offers a wide range of services suitable to anyone from beginners to more advanced users. The platform provides secure and flexible tools to meet various user needs. Additionally, users can take advantage of its excellent Binance Academy learning section to boost their crypto knowledge. Binance services can also be accessed on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android (in the form of its mobile application), browser-based websites, and a desktop application for Mac and Windows.

About Frontier

Frontier is a multi-chain, non-custodial DeFi wallet where you can buy, store, transact, swap, and invest in tokens and NFTs. Available on iOS and Android, you can easily earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps. The Frontier Wallet app offers a secure mobile interface that lets users quickly access a range of DeFi features with direct connectivity with dApps across chains.

Using Frontier, users can also track wallets, collect & manage NFTs and get push notifications on any transactions. Adding more chains and simplifying access to Web3, Frontier Wallet aims to make DeFi more accessible for the next billion users.

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