Frontier Integrates OpenDAO to Offer Native $SOS Staking on Mobile

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We are excited to announce that The OpenDAO ($SOS) is now integrated into the Frontier mobile app allowing users to seamlessly store, send and stake $SOS and earn over 100% APR straight from the crypto wallet with a few taps.

Frontier listed $SOS on 31st January 2022, adding another stream of opportunity for its growing community and the broader DeFi space that has piqued their interests on $SOS. OpenDAO introduced the $SOS token to the crypto space on the 23rd of December 2021 by airdropping its token to the Opensea community. Since then, the OpenDAO community has continued growing and is listed by top exchanges.  

📈 Key integration features

Store, Send and Receive $SOS: Users can use Frontier wallet, a non-custodial wallet, to store $SOS and other ERC20 assets.

Native $SOS Staking: Users can stake $SOS on Frontier and earn over 100% APR from a single interface.

Connect Wallet to Stake: Frontier is not just a wallet but Wallet Aggregator; users can connect their preferred mobile wallets, such as Trust, Metamask, Rainbow, Argent, ImToken etc., to stake $SOS and explore other DeFi offerings.

Note: Connecting Wallet doesn’t require users to export private keys; Frontier uses WalletConnect to connect to other mobile wallets.

Track positions: $SOS token holders and stakers can track their positions from different wallets supported by Frontier. As an intuitive wallet aggregator, Frontier supports some of Crypto & DeFi’s top non-custodial wallets like Trust, Argent, Metamask, Rainbow, Argent, ImToken etc. Track all open staking positions simply by connecting or watching a wallet in track mode.

With regards to the integration, 9x9x9, founder of The OpenDAO said:

we are very thrilled to partner with the top crypto wallet company Frontier. Enabling users to stake inside their wallet is definitely a game-changer towards mass-adoption.

Check out the guide below to learn how to stake $SOS token and earn passive income using Frontier.

How to stake $SOS and earn up to 140% APR on Frontier
Stake $SOS and earn up to 140% APR straight from your crypto wallet

About Frontier

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