Frontier December Recap

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Frontier December Recap

We are wishing our beloved community happy holidays and Merry Christmas! 2020 has been a crazy ride for Frontier. It all started with the idea of building a Mobile focused DeFi product to ease asset management and portfolio tracking. The Frontier product launched as a beta in early 2020 is now evolved into something much bigger and is on the path to on-board millions to Decentralized Finance. We want to thank our community, family & friends, Investors, Partner projects for constantly supporting us along the way, and as we move to 2021, our relationship grows much stronger!

As we are coming to year-end, Let's go back a bit and take a look at the things we have shipped in December.

This month's recap will be divided into four parts:

🀝 Partnerships & Ecosystem
βš’ Integrations
πŸ’Ή Exchange listings and events
πŸ‘» Community and Marketing events

🀝 Partnerships & Ecosystem

Joint Liquidity mining program with Alliance Block

Taking our partnership with Alliance Block to the next level, we launched a joint liquidity mining program, a first of its kind. 300,000 $FRONT + 900,000 ALBT rewards for FRONT - ALBT - WETH Liquidity providers in Balancer smart pool.

Frontier and Bonfida Form Strategic Partnership to Expand Solana's NFT Ecosystem

Frontier announces its strategic partnership with Bonfida, a full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana, and the user. Bonfida will become Frontier's exclusive Solana-based SPL NFT minter and marketplace through this partnership, allowing our users to buy and sell NFT's with $FRONT on Solana.

Frontier announces FUSD Initiative.

Frontier is proud to unveil one of our most ambitious initiatives to date: an exploration into $FRONT-backed synthetic and stable assets.

This begins with our first deep and meaningful FUSD Initiative relationship. We're inking a partnership with OIN Finance and entering into OINDAO, which will allow holders to stake $FRONT and mint $USDF1, a new and fully audited $FRONT collateral-backed token redeemable for a variety of other liquid assets.

Frontier Forms Strategic Partnership with TomoChain and Adds Native Support for TOMO and TRC21 Assets

Frontier announced its strategic partnership with TomoChain, a scalable blockchain-powered via Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus used commercially by companies globally.

This collaboration boosts the DeFi ecosystems growing on TomoChain and Frontier's continued efforts to build a native cross-chain layer for DeFi protocols and platforms.

Frontier and Nord Finance form a strategic partnership to introduce Nord Savings on Mobile.

Frontier announced its partnership with Nord Finance. The collaboration with Nord Finance will enable access to Nord Savings on the Frontier Mobile interface. Users will access Nord Savings by connecting mobile wallets with the Frontier DeFi interface.

Frontier introduces CEX Liquidity Mining Campaign for $FRONT with Hummingbot.

Frontier is excited to bring a new 3-month CEX liquidity mining campaign to our community! This is made possible through Hummingbot, a community-driven open source project that aims to democratize algorithmic trading by making sophisticated high-frequency trading strategies freely available to everyone in the world. Hummingbot believes this will lead to a more open, fair, and inclusive global financial system.

Liquidity Mining Campaign rewards FRONT/BUSD liquidity miners for placing maker orders in $FRONT tokens based on hard, quantifiable liquidity metrics. This new approach provides token projects with a community-driven alternative for liquidity. In addition, the Frontier will incentivize our community and Hummingbot's 8,000-member strong trader community to set up market-making bots and trade FRONT for $15,000 in rewards lasting three months.

Farm $SUSHI by Staking FRONT - USDT LP on SushiSwap 🍣

Frontier is thrilled to participate in SushiSwap's new liquidity mining incentivization program, called Onsen, which allows FRONT-USDT liquidity providers to earn $SUSHI by staking their liquidity.

βš’ Integrations

Segregated view in the Asset page

The UX enhancement now enables users to track Tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs seamlessly using Frontier.

Frontier now supports Solana Blockchain!

Solana Blockchain support goes live on Frontier. Users can Send, Store, and Receive SOL using Frontier.

πŸ’Ή Exchange listings and events

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on WazirX

WazirX is one of the leading crypto exchanges in India acquired by Binance. $FRONT is listed on WazirX with FRONT/USDT pair.

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on Poloniex Exchange

Poloniex is one of the leading digital asset exchanges in the SEA. $FRONT gets listed on Poloniex with FRONT/USDT and FRONT/BTC pairs.

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on Probit.

Probit is one of the leading exchanges in South Korea. $FRONT gets listed on Probit with FRONT/USDT and FRONT/KRW pairs.

Trading competition with Huobi to win NFTs + 76,000 $FRONT

Frontier hosted a Christmas Giveaway in collaboration with Huobi! Deposit & Trade to Share 76000 $FRONT & 55 NFTs on Huobi.

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on BitMax and launches a Pre-Staking event is one of the leading digital asset exchanges in SEA. $FRONT gets listed on BitMax with FRONT/USDT pair and launches a Pre-Staking event. This kicks off the precursor to what will be an exciting 2021 for $FRONT and Frontier Chain staking as we diligently begin the task of preparing a refreshed roadmap for 2021 and much more exciting news to come!

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on Bithumb Global.

Bithumb Global is one of the leading digital asset exchanges in South Korea. $FRONT gets listed on Bithumb global with FRONT/USDT pair.

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on BiKi Exchange.

BiKi Exchange is one of the leading digital asset exchanges in SEA. $FRONT gets listed on BiKi with FRONT/USDT pair.

Frontier ($FRONT) gets listed on XT Exchange.

XT Exchange is one of the popular digital asset exchanges based in SEA. $FRONT gets listed on XT with FRONT/USDT pair

πŸ‘» Community and Marketing events

Frontier gets its official local communities

With our continued efforts in expanding to various geographical regions, we launched four new communities.

Frontier India, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia

AMA with LuaSwap Community

The frontier team was invited to the LuaSwap community to educate users about Frontier and interact with the fantastic LuaSwap community!

OKEx DeFiScoop featuring Frontier

CEO and Founder Ravindra Kumar explains Frontier and its vision in the latest DeFi Scoop episode. He also shares essential developments coming to Frontier in 2020-2021!

Research Report from DeFi Times

DeFi Times, A first beginner-friendly newsletter focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi), releases a research report on Frontier covering the need for DeFi Aggregator and interfaces, Frontier's core features such as Wallet Aggregation the unified UX across the native DeFi integrations.

AMA with Bonfida

Frontier hosted AMA with Bonfida in the Frontier community and round 2 in the Bonfida community to highlight the partnership between Frontier and Bonfida and educate users about each other's projects.

$10,000 YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok video competition

Frontier hosts a $10,000 YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok video competition to spread awareness on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok about Frontier applications, explain $FRONT token, and educate newcomers about how to use Frontier for Android and Frontier for iOS.

20,000 $FRONT Christmas drop to Frontier Community

To celebrate Christmas and Holidays 2020. Frontier hosted a 20,000 $FRONT Christmas drop to 400 winners and 5 Limited Edition Christmas 2020 NFTs!


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