Frontier Chain Mainnet Update

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Frontier Chain Mainnet Update

Due to the COVID crisis in India and the limited capacity of our engineers at Frontier, who are tirelessly working on Frontier 2.0 mobile applications for Android and iOS, we have decided to postpone the development of Frontier Chain. There is no estimated timeline for restarting this. This will allow us to focus our efforts on making the best possible Mobile DeFi application available on market, explore more viable use cases for FRONT within the applications themselves, and rebuild our strong true community of supporters who have been here since 2019.

To date, we have successfully integrated more than 10 blockchains, native mobile staking, multi-chain interfaces, and swapping, and will soon release a host of new UI and UX changes that make Mobile DeFi better than ever before. Our partners remain strong, our core team and true believers remain dedicated to our goals, and we will continue to work through these trying times while also shipping the best products that we can ship given our core competencies that are still available to us.

To our testnet participants, thank you so much. Unfortunately, we will cancel this event due to the overabundance of spam commits and fake accounts making it impossible to locate organic participation but we will revisit this at a later time as well. Thanks again and stay on the looking for the next updates ahead. We are still here, working hard, shipping products as quickly as we can, and adjusting to the realities of the market and our core strengths!

~Ravindra Kumar, CEO

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