Bluzelle is now live on Frontier

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Bluzelle is now live on Frontier

Frontier is excited to announce the integration of Bluzelle staking on its platform. With this integration, the large growing userbase of Frontier wallet services can now start staking Bluzelle mainnet tokens with any of the Bluzelle validators available through the Frontier app and earn up to 20% APR.

Stakers can choose their preferred validator based on expected returns, unstake their token when they wish, and claim rewards within the same app. Bluzelle network currently has up to validators listed on Frontier, and each validator platform offer between 3% to 20% APR.  

Bluzelle is a decentralized storage network created for the booming decentralized creator economy. Bluzelle is a censorship-resistant network created to act as a file/data storage oracle enabling artists, musicians, scientists, publishers, or developers to protect their intellectual property within the NFT and DeFi ecosystem. By integrating with Bluzelle, Frontier is opening staking access to a broader audience and further helping to secure the Bluzelle blockchain, which relies on proof of stake (PoS) consensus for network security. BLZ stakers via Frontier can start importing and exporting wallets, staking BLZ tokens and tracking their staked positions seamlessly using the Frontier mobile interface.

With the addition of Bluzelle (BLZ), Frontier has opened up a market for NFT and DeFi users to earn from their tokens. Aside from staking their BLZ tokens to earn yields, holders can also utilize basic features such as Sending and Receiving. Frontier added more features that will enable the receiving of NFT. Users can track their BLZ based NFT in App using iOS or Android.

Delighted about the possibilities users will have access to with the integration, Ravindra Kumar, CEO of Frontier, commented:

“We love Bluzelle’s focus on solving the data storage problem. It underscores the need for the thriving Web3 industry not to have a central point of failure using Distributed Database enabling dApps. Companies and individuals alike can store data safely and securely, thanks to networks like Bluzelle. Frontier as a chain-agnostic DeFi Aggregation layer will work together with Bluzelle to introduce Native $BLZ staking on Mobile.”

Frontier supports various protocols like MakerDAO, Compound Finance, Uniswap, Band Protocol, Synthetix, Kava, dYdX and Nuo Network. As the industry’s go-to wallet aggregator, Frontier supports multiple mobile wallet applications, such as Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Coinbase wallet. As a wallet aggregator, Frontier gives its users access to participate in staking, liquidity provision through lending and borrowing, staking, protocol tracking and best-rate asset swapping. With its latest integration, DeFi users can track their BLZ tokens and NFT, store, send, receive, and stake their BLZ tokens for rewards on the Frontier Wallet.

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